Developing and implementing sustainable transportation plans are clearly top of the agenda in dealing with increased pressures on all transport networks. Burdens rail product range is uniquely tailored to rail industry requirements. 

Delivering sustainable railways

Burdens’ rail product offering has been established to provide a sustainable supply chain to support the expanding rail network. It builds on over 80 years of Burdens’ experience and its market-leading position in supporting the civil engineering and utility industries with the supply of materials and on Burdens’  already extensive rail experience and expertise.

The importance of improvements to the UK rail network is clear; DEFRA state that, while transport as a whole accounts for around 23% of the UK’s CO2 emissions, rail travel accounts for less than 1%.

The Department for Transport’s Delivering a Sustainable Railway white paper published in July 2007 sets out the 30 year long-term strategic direction which the rail industry should take in delivering a sustainable railway network. The rail network has already seen a 40% increase in rail passengers over the past decade with government plans to accommodate a 22.5% increase in passenger demand by 2014 and a predicted 30% increase in freight carried by rail over the next ten years. Over £10 billion will be invested in enhancing capacity between 2009 and 2014 for both rail freight and passengers through government-backed schemes such as the Transport Innovation Fund (TIF).

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